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All Average Adjustments are produced in Mexico City, regardless of where in Mexico the event occurs. We have a network of representatives throughout Mexico, particularly surveyors, who are always ready to assist. 

Whilst marine adjusters are not uncommon in Mexico, it is not common to find marine adjusters with a formal Average Adjusting training. Our Average Adjusting product is in line with international adjusting standards and following the Rules of Practice of the Association of Average Adjusters of the UK or US, and strictly in accordance with policy conditions. 

Should surveyors be required by Reinsurers, we are able to provide these, however, in our role as Average Adjusters our contact with them will be limited to the traditional separation between Hull Surveyors and Average Adjusters, unless otherwise instructed by our principals.

Container Ship


Assisting in gathering and organising of the information following an incident. Once it has been determined that a claim will be made under a P&I policy, we can handle the exchange of information, analyse any contentious issues, arrange for inspections, supervise any local proceedings and dealings with local authorities and assist until all payments have been settled and releases signed, whether it is for Member-P&I Club versus third parties or where there are disagreements between a Member and the Club.



In collaboration with experienced professionals in the field, we provide energy claims adjustments. The technical aspects of the claim are handled by these experienced surveyors within the INTEGRITAS team and as adjusters we are able to conform to the protocols established for the adjustment and handling of Energy claims. 

We, in Mexico City, control the standards by which each adjuster in Mexico handles the claim and it is our quality control that mandates strict adherence to international and established claims adjusting standards.

Public Demonstration


We draft statements for operators who are faced with economic losses resulting from strikes and illegal labour actions. Our statements have been used before authorities as evidence of criminal activity and losses incurred as a result.

Aerial View of Containers


Mexico is a vast and complicated region with diverse cultures, traditions, and legal systems; a diversity that INTEGRITAS understands and embraces. Our network of surveyors is all local and based at locations throughout the region thus able to reach vessel or damage sites in a matter of hours. We firmly believe that by engaging a local, experienced team any potential language and cultural issues are managed effectively and efficiently. Our team is comprised of highly experienced Master Mariners, Chief Engineers, Marine Architects, Attorneys, professional marine surveyors.

We focus on the ability and professionalism of our surveyors, not their ability to speak English. Our multilingual support team in Mexico City ensures that surveys are issued in the language of preference of our principle (English or Spanish). As default, all our surveys are issued in English. Our survey reports are issued clearly, concisely and reflect the requirements of our principal. 

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