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Container Ship

Specialist Claims, Casualty and Inspection Services
for the Mexican Marine Industry


We are a marine claims services company, specialised in Average Adjusting, P&I Claims Services, Casualty Management and Surveys, Liability, Charterparties and Environmental Liability. We are based in Mexico City, with presence in Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Coast ports.


Our mission in every claim or inspection is to provide innovative and proactive solutions aimed at minimizing the operational impact, financial outlays, and ensuring a return to business in reasonable time for both Assureds and Insurers.


INTEGRITAS Risk Services LLC, is a unified team of professionals specialising in different aspects of marine insurance, each with significant experience in some of the world´s most recognised claims and maritime law firms. Our pool of expertise is unparalleled in Mexico.


The FDMA law firm and the Spencer Company are prime examples of strategic cooperation agreements we have that enhance our ability to provide top-class specialist claims services and consultancy.

Cargo Ship
Cargo Container
Container Ship


  1. Average Adjusting: machinery damages, collisions, groundings, crew negligence

  2. P&I Claims Services

  3. Hull & Machinery - Reinsurance Correspondents

  4. Inspection Services

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Hull & Machinery

This service is offered by career Average Adjusters trained internationally and meeting international Average Adjusting standards. The range of claims adjusted vary from machinery damages, groundings, collisions, fire, explosion, and negligence and General Average adjustments.


We specialise in policy application, interpretation and claim quantification, separating ourselves from the function of the surveyor. 


Our P&I Claims Services are designed to serve P&I Clubs and Insurers as correspondents in Mexico.


Our cooperation agreement with FDMA to offer specialised claims handling and marine legal services as correspondents in this sector. Under this common front Clubs and Insurers have access to a unique array of resources with which to assist their Members and Assureds in addition to the initial notification to confirmation of payment of the claim.


We currently have an operation serving Cancun and the surrounding areas, and presence in Tuxpan, Tampico, Ciudad del Carmen, Veracruz, Mazatlan and remote access to the southwestern ports in Mexico.

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Proa para velero

 Hull & Machinery

Our Average Adjusting experience, our years of operating in the Mexican marine insurance market and a thorough understanding of government institutions, positions INTEGRITAS within a gap in the management of Hull & Machinery claims where Claims Control or Cooperation Clauses exist, that enables the flow of real time claims information to reach Reinsurers and enables prompt decision making.


Insurance policies containing Claims Control or Cooperation Clauses require a central liaison between Reinsurers and Insurers to allow for the flow of information in real time that enables prompt decision making from Reinsurers. Integritas often assists clients in this role.


When acting in this capacity, through clear instructions Reinsurers can delegate certain functions to us, such as:


  • Agreeing guidelines for the management of claims locally.

  • Appointment of surveyors on behalf of Cedent/Reinsurers.

  • If applicable, agreeing a pool of adjusters and managing the communication with them.

  • Constant monitoring and periodic of reserves.

  • Comparing and analysing coverage gaps between local and reinsurance policies.

  • Collaborating with FDMA solicitors as needed (see P&I Claims Services above).

  • Providing advice on procedural matters such as when direct payments are required to salvors or contractors.

  • Translations.

  • Reviewing final adjustment produced by local adjusters.


The foregoing list is not exhaustive but provides examples of how Reinsurers’ position can be safeguarded by employing INTEGRITAS as correspondents. At a cost that can be minimal in contrast to those of adjusters and surveyors, Reinsurers benefit from having their interests represented and claims monitored on the ground in Mexico promptly.


INTEGRITAS has been coordinating and managing inspections for the past few years, however, we are pleased to inform that we now have in-house surveying capabilities with the ability to attend at any port in Mexico. Our Staff Surveyor Eng. Fernando Oduardo Paredes, is a Naval Architect with ample experience in vessel construction, safety, and compliance with international standard requirements.


With Fernando in our permanent team, Integritas can be appointed to carry out P&I Condition Surveys, Hull & Machinery Condition Surveys and JH2013/007 Risk Assessment inspections, amongst others. Reporting is produced in English and/or Spanish.

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